Hi! 👋 I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the College of Computer Studies at De La Salle University, and co-directs the Center for Complexity and Emerging Technologies (COMET). My research focuses on the integration of human-computer interaction and complex systems research in developing civic media and technologies that promotes prosocial behavior. I develop human-centered and interactive technologies that are designed to improve one's personal productivity and well-being, and to assess and manage urban mobility, transportation services, and disaster preparedness and response. At the same time, I investigate the underlying and complex dynamics of sociotechnical systems (e.g. crowds, social networks), especially with the introduction of technological solutions. Currently, I'm focused on rethinking navigation applications as a civic technology that encourages drivers to follow unselfish routes, which could help them develop sustainable mobility patterns.

I earned my doctorate degree in systems information science from Future University Hakodate in Japan, and M.S. and B.S. in computer science from De La Salle University. I was a Japanese Government (MEXT) scholar under the supervision of Prof. Yasuyuki Sumi in the Interaction Media Lab. Lastly, I am a Heidelberg Laureate Forum Young Researcher in 2020 and a recipient of the VizRisk 2019 Challenge Grand Prize and Best Interaction Design Award from the World Bank and Mapbox. For more detailed information, please see the full-text versions of my publications and my latest curriculum vitae. If you are interested to collaborate, please contact me via email.

Latest Projects

Riesgo visualization of evacuation suitability

Assessing and visualizing the evaucation suitability of areas to inform disaster risk reduction and management policies and projects.

Application » Riesgo Vis

Blog » Riesgo Vis on Tipping Point

Modeling rumor spread

Modeling information spreading (i.e. truth, rumor) to understand the complex dynamics of social networks.

Papers » PJS 148 (4)

Projects » Drowning out Rumor

Navigation behavior studies

Driver navigation behavior studies to inform effective navigation application design.

Papers » CHI'19, CHI'20 LBW

Navigation apps

Navigation, transport and wayfinding applications for sustainable mobility.

Papers » MobiCASE'18

Applications » TaxiDash

Transportation studies

Interactive visualization and optimization tools for transportation planning.

Papers » ICCS'18, ICCS'17, PCSC'17

Projects » Gridlock, TranspoDesire, Swarm

Past Projects

Plant phenotyping tools

Plant phenotyping tools using computer vision techniques.

Papers » M2VIP'15a, M2VIP'15b

Knowledge extraction tools

Knowledge extraction and language processing tools for building ontologies and summarizing Philippine texts.

Papers » PKAW'14, NNLPRS'11, PACLIC'09

Visualizing commmunity data

Interactive visualization tools for analyzing community-based monitoring data.

Papers » DLSURC'16, DLSURC'14

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